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Cosmetic Dentist in Tacoma

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Teeth Whitening in Tacoma

Cosmetic Dentist in Tacoma
Cosmetic Dentist in Tacoma

When you look in the mirror, do you like the smile that is smiling back at you? Or have you begun to think that your smile is developing a dingy appearance? Today there is no reason to have to be unhappy with the look of your smile. At our practice we are happy to offer patients two great way to have their teeth whitened. When patients want a brighter smile all they need to do is to come to see our cosmetic dentist in Tacoma.

At Pacific Family Dentistry our cosmetic dentist in Tacoma is Dr. Sang Y. Shin. Dr. Shin is very dedicated to his patients and always strives to provide them with the highest level of dental care. When patients come to us wanting to have whiter teeth and a brighter smile we are very happy to be able to offer them two different types of teeth whitening systems. The first thing that our doctor will want to do is to meet with them in person to evaluate their smile and find out what type of teeth whitening they are looking for. If the patient has porcelain veneers or tooth-colored fillings, they may need to develop a plan to have these items restored since dental whitening will only affect natural tooth enamel. New veneers or fillings can be restored after the tooth whitening is complete so that they will match the new bright color of your smile.

Our cosmetic dentist in Tacoma will be able to talk to you about the two different types of teeth whitening treatments that we have. Our patients are either able to have in-office treatment with our Zoom! teeth whitening system or an at-home kit. Zoom! will give you a much whiter and brighter smile in only one one-hour visit with our dentist. Zoom! is a tooth bleaching system that is simply unsurpassed in its results. Our dentist is also happy to be able to provide at-home application kits which will also provide outstanding results in a matter of days. Some patients prefer to come to our office and have the whitening procedure completed in one hour. Other patients enjoy using the at-home kit in the comfort of their own home, at their own convenience. If you would like to meet with our dentist to learn which tooth whitening procedure will work best for you, contact us today for an appointment. A whiter and brighter smile is much closer than you think!

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