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Teeth whitening in Parkland

Dental office in Parkland
Dental office in Parkland

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and wishing that you had whiter teeth? Have you tried store bought whitening strips only to be disappointed in the lackluster results? If so, we recommend that you come to our dental office in Parkland to learn about what our cosmetic dentist can do to help you achieve whiter teeth – we have several great options.

At our practice, Pacific Family Dentistry, our expert dentist is Dr. Sang Y. Shin. Dr. Shin provides exceptional dental care with outstanding aesthetic results. Our practice specializes in preventive, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry. At our dental office in Parkland patients often want to learn more about having their teeth whitened. They are always pleased to learn that our office presents several tooth whitening options. If you are interested in an in-office bleaching system we provide teeth whitening treatment with Zoom! Tooth Whitening System. This in-office procedure uses a special light to speed up and intensify the whitening results. Generally patients are able to achieve optimal whitening results in less than one hour.

At our dental office in Parkland we also provide several different at-home applications for tooth whitening. Our patients are able to purchase these whitening kits from us and use them at home to achieve great tooth whitening success. These kits do not work as quickly as our in-office whitening, and the bleaching solution is not as strong. However patients can use this system to achieve outstanding whitening results in a matter of mere days. For patients who want to have better control on the amount of whitening they receive, this option may be more desirable. Patients can check the results after each whitening session and decide if they want to proceed with another whitening session on a subsequent day. The results are also more gradual, while results with our in-office tooth whitening system are immediate and dramatic. If you would like to meet with Dr. Shin to see which whitening system will work best in your individual situation taking your desired results into account, make an appointment at our office today. One thing we definitely know for sure is that our patients are always able to find the right tooth whitening system at our office, and they go on to get the white and bright smile of their dreams! You can too!

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