Emergency dentist in Tacoma

Emergency Dentist in Tacoma

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Dental trauma in Tacoma

Emergency dentist in Tacoma
Emergency dentist in Tacoma

You can depend on us at Pacific Family Dentistry, not only for day-to-day concerns, but also for urgent matters, such as when you experience dental trauma, which is when an accident or injury results in one or more of your teeth becoming knocked out of their sockets. With timely care, you will have the best chance to retain the viability of the tooth in question.

When the tooth has been loosened, but is still attached physically, it is referred to as being dislodged. An avulsed tooth is when it has been knocked totally free. There is no doubt that it is an alarming situation, but by taking certain steps, you can increase the likelihood of saving the tooth. The first thing to know is that our emergency dentist in Tacoma should be your first call, unless you have suffered non-dental injuries that are of equal or greater concern. In that case, you would go to a hospital ER or call 911. But hospitals typically have no dental equipment, nor even a dentist on staff. We are fully prepared to handle your dental emergency, though. In the time between the injury and the time you arrive at our office, try to guide a dislodged tooth back into its normal spot if you can, but don’t force it. Avulsed teeth need to be kept moist, so place them in warm water with a pinch of salt or a container of milk and bring them with you. The applicable treatment can range from simply putting the tooth back in place and using orthodontic wire or a splint to secure it while it heals up to root canal. The worst case scenario is losing the tooth, but the sooner you get in to see our emergency dentist in Tacoma, the less likely that is to occur.

Reach out to us immediately when you suffer dental trauma. Our emergency dentist in Tacoma will make every effort to rescue your tooth.

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