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Kids Dentist in Tacoma

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Dental Sealants for Kids in Tacoma

Kids Dentist in Tacoma
Kids Dentist in Tacoma

At Pacific Family Dentistry, our kids dentist in Tacoma recommends kids come in for an annual cleaning and exam at least once per year. We provide a relaxing and fun atmosphere so that your children will want to come back and visit us again. We educate children on the importance of keeping their teeth clean and show them the best ways to brush, floss and keep their teeth healthy. We provide consultation on the importance of preventive care and also provide dental sealants for children as well. Dental sealants are a great first step in helping kids ward off cavities. Plaque can damage tooth enamel and cause gums to get infected. Children are at less risk for cavities when they have their teeth sealed because their growing teeth are then protected.

Dental sealants are placed on the back teeth and some of the front teeth, where food and debris can get caught up in a child’s teeth and cause tooth decay and cavities. We recommend having this done at a young age because the sealant acts as a type of barrier to any debris and decay that can harm teeth. We also recommend having your children come in to see our kids dentist in Tacoma for an annual cleaning. Annual cleanings are important because they are a better way for us to get deeper into the pockets between the gum and tooth and remove food, plaque and bacteria. We use special tools to make sure all plaque, tartar, food debris and bacteria is removed. This allows us to ensure that tooth decay does not form. Annual cleanings can clean the areas that patients just cannot get to on their own. Without proper cleaning, teeth can suffer from plaque buildup and eventually cavities and gum disease can happen to teeth.

Our kids dentist in Tacoma will first perform a comprehensive exam to check your child’s teeth and then give them a cleaning. It’s so quick and easy it’s over before they even know it. We also recommend fluoride treatments so that kids have a well rounded dental routine. This routine ensures that their teeth are kept healthy and clean.

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