Parkland Emergency Dentist

Parkland Emergency Dentist

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When a tooth is knocked free of your mouth, it is far from a sure thing that it can be saved. However, with prompt attention here at Pacific Family Dentistry, you will have the best chance possible of retaining it. If the tooth has come loose but is still physically attached, the chances are better. Either way, that type of dental trauma cannot wait. And what you do from the moment it occurs will play a big part in the outcome.

Dental trauma is typically due to an accident and injury, and is most often unexpected. You may find yourself alarmed or confused, but it’s important that you take the measures that are necessary. If the tooth is still physically attached (dislodged) then attempt to push it back into place gently but firmly. If you can’t, it’s okay. For a tooth that is completely free (avulsed), do not put it back in your mouth. You may swallow it. Instead, preserve its moisture by putting it in a container of milk. Or if you don’t have one, then use warm water with a pinch of salt instead. Call our office to get additional guidance and also to let us know you’re coming. Someone else can call on your behalf. When you arrive, our Parkland emergency dentist goes to work assessing the situation and determining the chances of successful treatment. Some dislodged teeth may only need to be held in position with orthodontic wire or a splint to promote healing. Root canal by our Parkland emergency dentist is required in other instances. Unfortunately some teeth simply cannot be saved at all.

Since every second counts, keep our number in your phone, preferably as a speed dial selection. Don’t hesitate to call when you need the help of our Parkland emergency dentist. Every effort will be made to restore your tooth to a functional state.

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