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Parkland Implants

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Cosmetic dentistry in Parkland

Parkland implants
Parkland implants

Dental implants are a revolutionary new way to replace missing teeth. Thanks to advances in dentistry, Pacific Family Dentistry can now offer implants in a safe and simple procedure, right in our offices. Our Parkland implants are made out of the strongest titanium, making them durable, long lasting and a great option for replacing missing teeth. We also offer other types of cosmetic dentistry such as dentures or bridges. Dentures and bridges can also fill the gap in between missing teeth, but implants are stronger and more permanent.

Another benefit of Parkland implants is that they never need a root canal or filling. Having implants placed in the mouth can also help maintain the shape of the jaw line and improve facial aesthetics. When teeth are missing, the empty spaces can warp the jaw line and cause the sides of the mouth to sink in, causing the face to look different. When an implant is placed in the mouth, the shape starts to revert back to its normal, aesthetically pleasing state.

For missing teeth, we first place the implant in a short procedure. After a healing period, the implant is then covered with an artificial tooth to protect the site of the implant. The artificial tooth is usually a crown or cap. Implants are a perfect and permanent solution to missing teeth and can help patients feel good about smiling again, and help them regain the ability to once again eat the foods they always loved eating.

Replacing missing teeth doesn’t always have to be with Parkland implants, however. Other options to replace teeth can be with cosmetic appliances such as bridges or dentures. Bridges and dentures are usually custom made and help bridge the gap between missing teeth so that patients can eat in a more normal way. Patients may not always be able to eat certain foods while wearing dentures, but today’s advances in dental technology have made these appliances much more sturdy that they have been in the past. To see if you are a candidate for either implants, dentures or bridges, call Pacific Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment.

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