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Common causes of teeth stains in Parkland

There are more ways to end up with stained teeth than many people realize. It can seem as if everything you do, eat, and drink is contributing to the situation. And while that would be an exaggeration, it’s certainly true that when you take into account your habits, the prescription medication you take, and some other things that may be out of your control, there is ample reason to take advantage of our Parkland teeth whitening. Here at Pacific Family Dentistry, we are pleased to make the process easy, effective, and safe.

The origins of teeth stains can start early in life with over-fluoridation during initial tooth development. Fluoride is a good thing, but too much of anything, no matter how beneficial, can have some repercussions. Beverages, from childhood and into adulthood play a big role in needing our Parkland teeth whitening. Colas and iced teas are major culprits, as are hot tea and coffee, too. Among cola, coffee, and tea, how many people avoid all of them? Most likely, very few. Add wine into the discussion, and that means white as well as red, and it’s easy to see how teeth become stained. Common foods that are linked to tooth discoloration include berries (and their juices), some types of hard candy, curry, and soy sauce. Tobacco, though, may be at the top of the list, and not in a positive way. Yellow or even brown teeth tend to develop, especially with heavy usage. Vaping is no better. And tetracycline is one of the typical prescription drugs that has teeth staining as a side-effect. Your tooth enamel also wears down with age, revealing the duller tissue underneath. You can’t stop it from happening, but you can get our Parkland teeth whitening.

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