Dental emergency in Tacoma WA

Tacoma WA Gentle Emergency Dentist

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Treating Oral Trauma in Tacoma WA

Tacoma WA Gentle Emergency Dentist
Tacoma WA Gentle Emergency Dentist

If you experience any type of oral trauma you should contact us immediately at Pacific Family Dentistry. Our Tacoma WA gentle emergency dentist, Dr. Shin, can provide you with excellent emergency dental care.

We hope that you never do suffer a dental emergency or oral trauma, but should this be the case, you can receive the emergency care that you need at our dental practice. Our Tacoma WA gentle emergency dentist is highly skilled in treating all different types of oral trauma. There are many different types of dental emergencies that can occur. Sometimes, a tooth can be knocked out completely from the mouth. If this occurs, time is definitely of the essence. It is important that you contact our office immediately. Our office staff will give you instructions on how to safely transport the tooth to our office so that it can hopefully be reinstalled by our dentist. There are other types of tooth trauma which can occur when a tooth is actually pushed deep into the gums. In this case, the tooth is said to be avulsed. Our dentist can provide treatment for this type of oral trauma as well. Sometimes a filling can be cracked or a tooth can be chipped. It is important that these dental problems are treated as well to prevent infection from reaching the inside of the tooth. Should infection reach the interior of the tooth, or, if a tooth has been affected by trauma, you may need to have a root canal treatment to save the tooth. If this is needed, our dentist can provide this service for you. When a tooth needs to have a root canal, the sooner the treatment is provided the more likely it is that the tooth can be saved. Root canal treatments are effective in saving teeth in over 90% of cases. Our patients remain perfectly comfortable during this procedure due to our use of modern dental anesthesia.

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